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MBM is a leading brand representation and distribuion
company in China that provides turn-key market entry, brand building and sales network solution. Through our extensive online and offline channels, we maximise your chances of
achieving commercial success and building a well-know brand in China, while meet short-term targets. We carry and
distribute famous international brands like Max factor,
Bioderma, freeplus, sleek and Salvatore Ferragamo etc., as
well as niche brands like Bioeffect, Tangle Teezer. We build
your brands in the world's largest and fast growing markets. 


Unlock your Business in China

We create business not just ideas, partnerships, not just consulting.
We help you to re-image and then implement how your company
can market and deliver products to the largest, fastest growing and
most dynamic consumer market in the world.

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 Committed to inspire people to discover and express who you are with passion 

Control oil macaron powder honey


Max Buddha's a dry powder


VDL shell is used to make the lotion


Rimmel Lastin concealer


UNNY double head automatic eyebrow pencil


The saem has a fresh concealer


LEATHER & BROWN                    

GLOVES                                   $79.99

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Group Website: www.deepharma.com

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Brand cooperation:daniel@deepharma.com


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